I have ankle pain and/or stiffness (ankle arthritis)

Injury can leave ankles painful and stiff, or symptoms may develop gradually without any obvious cause. The subtalar joint is another joint just beneath the ankle. This pivots the hindfoot from side to side as opposed to the ankle’s up-and-down action. Hindfoot pain and stiffness can arise from the ankle, subtalar joint or the tendons around them.

'Wear and tear' changes (osteoarthritis) in the ankle tend to cause pain when walking, which sometimes worsens at the front when walking up hill. You may also suffer throbbing pains deep in the joint when at rest or at night. Swelling around the joint is common. Subtalar joint osteoarthritis characteristically causes pain when walking on uneven ground. The pain tends to run up the outside of the hindfoot and shin.

Not all arthritis is osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause pains and stiffness, particularly when getting out of bed in the mornings. It can also damage the tendons around the ankle causing pain, inflammation and weakness. Inflammation, fraying or rupture of the tibialis posterior tendon causes swelling and pain on the inside aspect of the ankle. Walking becomes weak; especially the ability to lift your weight up on to the ball of your toes, and the arch can become flattened or flatter than it was. A similar swelling and pain can arise from the peroneal tendons running round the outside corner of the ankle bones. When they become inflamed or damaged, the ankle can give way easily.


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